I love contributing to a new economy. That’s why I specialise in setting up donations systems and other technology.

Website development

Showing you, your business or project to the world. I can build a website for you or support you while you build it yourself. It is an exciting process which includes personal transformation, creativity, design and — if you are interested — explanation of the more technical details. Either way, I help you manage your website yourself.

Donation systems

Working on appreciation base is so exciting! I am inspired by new ways of exchange, which transform the way we look at (financial) transactions and is part of a new economy based on including all.

I can help you set up a donation system for your products or services. Choose a minimum donation or even a zero-donation setup that allows your customers to fully decide what they would like to give.

I also support you making the transition from fixed price to donation base.


I have extensive experience building great apps for your business or project. These apps are very easy to manage and adjust when new exciting ideas come up. Think of a blog or a recipe app, an app to connect with your clients, lists within lists, usage of maps, schedules connected to people, look books, inventory management, streamlining delivery, online courses, tests, etcetera. I already developed apps to exchange excess food and skills!