Media designed with love

Share your gifts, change the world.

 It is time you show yourself.

My talents are images, creating a story, supporting you through different media to share your unique gifts with the world, so people know about you. 

Helping you patiently to decide what you want. Listening to you. In a fast world slowing down again and taking the time you need to go through this process. 

A website can be an amazing platform to offer your talents.

Videos can tell a compelling story, and I love to create images that have depth and touch people.

I understand, it can be quite an undertaking to show yourself to the world. That is why I am here to support you.


My gifts for you

A new website. We can do it together or I offer you support when you need it.

Video creation to tell your own or the story of your organisation or project.

An app which connects, informs, offers,…

I help you with the setup of a donation system for your organisation or if you want to share your skills on appreciation/donation base.

Problems with technical stuff? I help with safe domains and emails, privacy settings and disclaimers.

Do you want pictures? I give you advice or take them if you are in the area!

Latest projects


Natural Farm Shizen


Introduction Natural Farming

Web app


About me

I always had a great interest in media since I was a young teenager, when cameras were still analogue and almost no one had heard about ‘the Web’.

I patiently hold a space for that process, where you reflect and take it step by step. I ask questions so you find out what you need, give you different options so you can decide what you want and encourage you to take practical action. In the end, I make sure you take your project into your own hands.


Have a look at some of the projects that I did.



Web apps

Let’s create something beautiful together

I love to connect with you through an online call to get to know you and hear about you and your project. Or even somewhere in nature to listen to your dream if you happen to be in the area — which currently is Southern Spain.