Matthias has been creating websites for over twenty years. He has endless patience, an amazing listening ear and a soft approach to assist you while you work together.

He specializes in web-design and consultancy for conscious entrepreneurs.

He loves to work in the garden and support ‘In Line With Nature’, the non-profit organisation he is running together with his wife Evi, to contribute to a new economy in line with nature.

A bit more about me

My passion for media showed up early in life. As a child, I remember being fascinated by the story telling power of videography. My dad gave his 32mm SLR photo camera with different lenses when I was a young teenager. I experimented with many film roles, waited for the results and many times got disappointed with the result. Some of these roles and photographs I developed myself in the dark room at my high school. Only when I was in my twenties, I was able to buy a DV camcorder that recorded on tapes. One hour of material took also one hour to load to my computer. Much has changed.

I went to university to study Educational Science & Technology, since I wanted to combine working with people and media. The photo of a studio in their brochure convinced me. After my graduation, I found out I did not know who I was and got into personal development first. I combined it with a part time job in DTP, programming and traveling.

Then, the marketplace introduced itself. I did research & development at a professional training & coaching company and helped to organise inspiring leadership events. After a few years, I switched departments and helped set up the marketing office at the Teacher Training and the Media Management programs. After seven years at the university, I decided to travel around the world and quit my job.  

During my trip, I recorded short videos of inspiring people I met, mostly conscious entrepreneurs with different talents. When I came back, I was offered to come back to my job at the university. I couldn’t go back to trading my time for a mission that was connected to the system. I started to work as a designer and video-maker in the personal development arena until I was ready to spread my wings and start my own company.

Now, I support those beautiful people, those conscious entrepreneurs, some in heart, some in action. Besides creating websites and videos, I love seeing people expand, live from their heart and go beyond shame, guilt and doubt. Sometimes, I even support them by playing piano intuitively and see them completely relax and open up.

What I would still love to do? Own a beautiful farm with all kinds of fruit trees, plant a whole section according to syntropic farming, travel the world with my wife sharing about a new economy, be involved in new (energy) technology that does no harm, build a swing in a big mango tree…