I love to create images that have depth and touch people.

Video “Walnut Association”

A video displaying the process of harvesting the walnuts. Practically everything is done manually, from climbing into the trees, cleaning and selecting the walnuts, opening them and packaging them. Studies have shown that these walnuts have a high content of antioxidants and polyphenols and an optimal amount of healthy fats. They are obtained for the most part from centuries-old walnut trees, from indigenous varieties and located at altitudes above 1,100 m. Watered with high mountain water, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They are collected by hand, air dried and handcrafted. All this gives them an intense and unique flavor. By consuming this walnut, you contribute to the environmental, economic and social maintenance of Nerpio.

Video “Walnut and traditional products fair”

Report of a local walnut fair, with traditional products. Every fall, there is the walnut harvest in this remote community and to celebrate it, people come together from far to be together, dance, have a good time and get to know these products. Besides walnuts, there is honey and there are essencial oils of thyme, rosemary, sage and other aromatic plants. For the children there were several workshops like making cheese, making bread in a wood oven, learn about prehistorical tools and making pottery.

Video “Extracting honey from the combs”

Honey is a very common product where I live. The bees visit the aromatic mountain flowers in our area where the environment is quite unpolluted. Tasting the amazing local honey — which can be rosemary, thyme, sage, savory, lavender, spike lavender, a thousand flowers, high mountain honey — and meeting with some locals that we buy honey from, I wanted to record the process. This video shows the extraction of the honey with a machine. Not all the combs in a hive are harvested to keep honey for the swarm.

Videos “In line with nature”

For our project “In line with nature” I have been making several videos about our almond harvest that we do by hand and a video about how to make large quantities of seed balls with a concrete mixer.

Videoclip “Andando Lento” Mauna Música

Manu first asked me to record a live evening concert at the nearby community house. After that, I was inspired to make a more intimate video for the young musicians who live there. This time, during daytime, with more light. It is beautiful and important to support young people to express their gifts, as they all have keys inside them for a different future. Talents so valuable for soothing emotions, they bring joy and carry messages of hope. Many of them have little financial resources, so we shared our time and gifts with them and gifted them this video.

Introduction about Natural Farming with Kutluhan Özdemir

Kutluhan Özdemir lived and worked on several natural farms in the world, where he met students of Masanobu Fukuoka. He shares why he is using this method and why it is so important for these times. We are applying these principles also on our own piece of land.

Crowdfunding for a neighbouring community to save a valley

 Our neighbours of the next valley share about their feelings when they heard a large piece of land was bought for commercial agriculture. This video was set up for a crowdfunding, intending to buy this piece land neighbouring to their properties, so it could be preserved. At this moment, the land has been pre-sold unfortunately, but no commercial activities have been executed, yet. It was beautiful to bring everyone together and make a statement, which is so important in these times. 

Video clip ‘Stranger’ by Auke de Vor

One afternoon, we decided to go to the forest and record this video clip. The audio was recorded live. 

Portrait of Andy Gillespie, a natural horseman

Andy is the owner of Westray Farm and got experienced with horses since he was a child. His natural way with horses and his calm nature make him the perfect guide for you to enjoy a great horse ride. In 2016, I spent a week at Andy’s farm to make a series of videos. Check Andy’s Youtube channel for more videos.